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Red Or Green Enchiladas

These delicious enchiladas can be prepared with green or red enchilada sauce “Las Palmas” and various parts of the chicken as breast or thigh and leg which are more juicy.

If you are veggie, Instead of chicken, use smashed cooked potatoe mixed with grated cheese.


1 Red or green enchiladas sauce can
2 Pieces of shredded chicken
2 Onions
1 Garlic clove
3 Bay leaves
1 Salt to taste
12 Corn tortillas
300 grms Shredded cheese
1 Whole jalapeno pepper can. Optional


Cook the chicken in water, adding the onion, garlic and bay leaves; season with salt.

Once the chicken is cooked, let it to cool, drain the water and shred it up.

Pour into a pan the enchilada sauce and heat. At the same time slightly heat the tortillas

Soak the tortillas with the enchilada sauce already preheated.

Make “tacos” of chicken, that is, put chicken meat on the tortilla and fold.

Place 3 “tacos” on a plate and bathe with hot sauce, top with cheese and heat it in the grill until the cheese gets grated.

This wonderful dish can be served with refried beans or Mexican rice. You can decorate it with parsley leaves or slides of radish.

If hotter is wanted, blend 3 or 4 canned whole jalapeno peppers with the sauce and slightly cook it in a pan.


Thanks for joining me in this recipe and see you soon!          

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