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Mole Enchiladas

“Mole” is one of the most traditional dishes in Mexico, it is a mixture of endless flavours.

For this occasion we will prepare a delicious dish of mole enchiladas. For the veggie or vegan friends, mole enchiladas are great with crushed potato mixed with white cheese of your choice or baking beans.


2 Pieces of shredded chicken
2 Onions
1 Garlic clove
  Salt to taste
1 Bottle of “Mole Dona Maria” paste
1 Cup of chicken stock or broth
12 Corn tortillas
150 grams Shredded white cheese
100 grams Sour cream
1 Sliced onion
  Totopos for decoration
1 Chocolate “Ibarra” bar Optional


Cook the chicken in water, add onion and garlic, seasoning with salt. Once the chicken is cooked let it to cool, drain the water and shred it up.

Then, pour into a saucepan both the chicken broth and the mole paste and make them warm up at very low heat until getting a sauce. It is a good idea to taste it now, if you find it too spicy, then add ¼ of “Ibarra” chocolate bar and salt.

Now heat the tortillas without allowing it to harden and slightly soak it into the mole, fill it with chicken and fold to make tacos.

Place 3 “tacos” on a plate and bathe with hot mole, top with cream and cheese. Finally decorate it with sliced onion. This dish can be accompanied with refried beans and “totopos” or rice.


Thanks for joining me in this recipe and see you soon!          

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